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Treatments and technologies

So, why are you here? The SSM St Joseph Hospital has been created with the ultimate purpose to provide excellence and professionalism. This is the main reasons wherefore most insurance companies want to work with us, while patients often walk in seeking help – even if they have to pay for it due to not being covered. We have a solid team of professionals with decades of experience altogether, not to mention employing the latest technologies and treatments in the medical industry. You are definitely in good hands with us.

What we do


Our testing technologies are superior to what you can find in pretty much any other medical facility in the state.

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Our superior testing facilities allow us to bring in the most appropriate treatments, regardless of the conditions.

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Our emergency system is well put together – patients often have priorities, but we also have a specialized team for such situations only.

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Meet our specialists  


John Bates


John Bates has been with the SSM St Joseph Hospital for over a decade now.  


Mary Ashcroft


Mary Ashcroft is one of the most awarded psychologists in the country.


Jessica Tyler


Jessica Tyler is one of the most respected surgeons in the area.