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There are more reasons wherefore we are the best. On the same note, this is the main reason wherefore so many patients turn to us for help. If makes no difference if someone has an emergency or only needs a routine investigation. We have everything you might need for a successful experience. We take emergencies in, but we also accept walk ins, regular treatments, therapies, chronic and acute affection issues. We work with multiple insurance companies too, so lots of people are sent to us for treatments. The good news is that we know precisely what our capacity is, so we are never overcrowded – lower waiting times.

Being the best involves multiple aspects. For instance, we have a clean facility. You will not have to open doors with your elbows or clean your hands with sanitary gel as soon as you leave the facility. We do not want people to come here with a problem and leave us with two additional problems. Other than that, we have a high number of staff. There is one doctor assigned to every few patients – the same rule applies to nurses and carers. In other words, our professionals have more time to spend with our patients, making their life much easier. Even if your insurance company does not have a collaboration with us, our service is affordable and inexpensive. Moreover, there are various plans you can choose when it comes to payments. Simply put, we try to beat everyone’s expectations and unsurprisingly, our staff is pretty good at it.

Our specialists


Jessica Tyler


Dr. Jessica Tyler is one of the most respected surgeons in the entire country. She has received multiple awards, not to mention operating on a regular basis in prestigious institutions and clinics all across the world – whether to share her experience or to deal with sophisticated cases. The doctor has been with the SSM St Joseph for more than 10 years. These days, she is the head of the surgery section. No matter what the issue might be, she is always consulted for recommendations and ideas. She also tackles the most complicated cases.


Mary Ashcroft


To some, psychology may not be an essential or critical field of medicine. To us, every field of medicine is important and psychology makes no exception either. We know that people struggle with all kinds of issues. Our top psychologist – Dr. Mary Ashcroft – works with us for around 10 years and represents one of the most respected professionals in this field. She often has to collaborate with other specialists when patients are sent over from other clinics.  


John Bates


Cardiology is one of the most advanced clinics in our hospital. Dr. John Bates is the right professional in charge of it. He has received multiple awards for his studies and represents the optimal expert when it comes to complicated and apparently impossible cases. His experience is invaluable to us, hence its reputation.

Our Patients

What can you expect from the SSM St Joseph Hospital? Check out patients’ testimonials and find out more about our service.

Here at the SSM St Joseph Hospital, we often have to take emergencies. Our ambulances cover a wide area and we often bring urgent cases from other states as well. We have multiple clinics, so patients are brought over regardless of their problems. It is important to know that whether or not you have an appointment, emergencies will be brought in first due to the gravity of their situations. However, given the large numbers of staff available on site, waiting times are minimum. Apart from emergencies, we also take in patients, not to mention providing regular treatments and therapies for all kinds of affections – both acute and chronic.

Our clinics are ready to welcome patients regardless of their problems. We take walk ins seriously, so you can come around without an appointment. However, it is worth noting that emergencies have priorities. Besides, if there are appointments, you may not always be squeezed between two consecutive patients, so we recommend calling first if it is not an emergency. Unlike other hospitals, we try to reduce the waiting time to a minimum though. We know how daunting it is to wait when you have a medical issue, but we also try to keep waiting areas clear to prevent the spread of viruses or bacteria among other people.

It makes no difference how you get to us. Are you here because of an emergency? Are you here because your insurance company works with us? Are you here because you want a reputable service at an affordable price? It really makes no difference. We will never bother about why you are here, apart from your medical issue. Everyone is treated with the same high levels of professionalism. Everyone benefits from the ultimate service and a proper dedication. Our team will look after you and guide you in the right direction. Simply walk in and expose your problem or appointment details to the receptionist to be directed.